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Grantees are required to complete their final report via their accounts on the Department's online grant management system SurveyMonkey Apply.  Final report forms are available to grantees once their grant agreement forms have been reviewed and deemed complete by the Grant Administrator.  Guidelines to complete final reports are available by download here. Contact your designated Grant Administrator with any questions. 

Final Reports are due by the date specified in Article I of the Grant Agreement, (at the top of the signature page of your grant contract), which is normally calculated as forty-five (45)* calendar days after your project completion (end) date.  *YEP grant final reports are due within thirty (30) days of the project completion date.

Department "Core” grants that provide general operating support (such as ADV, FEST, HCJ, DAN, and YAM) typically have project completion dates corresponding to the end of the County’s fiscal year (September 30), with final reports being due by November 14.

Note: If the Final Report due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, the final report would be due the following business day.

Select grant programs require that applicants provide an Interim Report as part of their application.


Grantees of the Department’s General Operating Support (GOS) Programs with operating budgets of $50,000 or more must complete and submit a Grant Award Expenditure Report and submit an audit or financial statements encompassing the grant period or any portion thereof. If an audit or financial statement is not available, the grantee must provide a copy of the organization’s last completed Form 990 submitted to the Internal Revenue Service.

Grantees of a Department GOS Program with operating budgets of $50,000 or less are required to follow the same reporting requirements as grantees of the Department of Cultural Affairs’ project-based grant programs (see below).

Grantees of the Department’s project-based programs must complete and submit a Final Report Expense Summary Template and provide copies of documentation conclusively demonstrating the expenditure of funds for the items indicated in the agreement as grant award expenses.

Summer Arts & Science Camps for Kids (SAS-C) and Youth Arts Enrichment Program (YEP) Grants

SAS-C and YEP Grant Reporting Instructions

Additional Contract Compliance and Reporting Requirements for SAS-C and YEP Category A

In addition to the Final Report Formset and accompanying documentation required, grantees awarded through SAS-C and YEP Category A (for registration-based projects) shall:

  • utilize pre- and post- assessments and submit documentation to measure the specified outcome indicators; and
  • submit the student roster documenting the participant demographics specified, attendance, and performance measures.

Student Roster Forms (REV APRIL 2022):

Pre/Post Assessment Forms:

The Children's Trust Child Information Form (REV OCT 2022): English | Spanish | Kreyol

The Children's Trust:  Information on reporting about children with disabilities

OPTIONAL Getting to Know Me Form: Child: English  Spanish  Kreyol | Youth: English

OPTIONAL The Children's Trust Client Satisfaction Surveys (Electronic):

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