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Every day, more than 100,000 nonprofit arts and culture organizations nationwide act as economic drivers—creating an industry that supports jobs, generates government revenue, and is the cornerstone of our tourism industry. The Department of Cultural Affairs works with advocay organizations on local, state, regional and national levels to leverage the economic power of the arts community in crafting and supporting legislation that will benefit and enhance their work. It has proven to be a highly effective and economical method for advancing entire sectors of our community's culturIal development.

Americans for the Arts

Americans for the Arts (AFTA) is a national network of organizations and individuals dedicated to communicating the value of the arts and... More

Arts Action Alliance of Miami-Dade County

The Arts Action Alliance of Miami-Dade County is a volunteer arts advocacy organization directed by leaders representing hundreds of organizations... More

Arts Action Fund

The Arts Action Fund is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit membership organization created by Americans for the Arts, the nation... More

Florida Cultural Alliance

Advocacy organization established to coordinate and strengthen communication and educational efforts on behalf of... More