Going to the Museum

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“Going to the Museum” is a free online resource, printed guide, and classroom poster designed to help prepare new visitors for a museum experience.  “Going to the Museum” was created as a companion to “Going to the Show Guide,” and uses Universal Design principals to teach children with and without disabilities what to expect when visiting a museum.

Depicted in comic book style with easy-to-understand language and accompanied by delightful “anime-like” illustrations of friendly animals, “Going to the Museum” explains what to expect when visiting a museum such as an art, history, science or children’s museum. The story highlights key events and situations that visitors are likely to encounter along the way, such as unfamiliar people, waiting in line, darkened spaces, and unexpected or sometimes loud sounds. The guide also includes an introduction with brief instructions on how readers can personalize the story with additional dialogue and descriptions in order to create their own version of “Going to the Museum.”

View Going to the Museum (English/Spanish)

View Going to the Museum (English/Creole)

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