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Site Master Planning Work About to Begin for the Coconut Grove Playhouse

The design team led by Arquitectonica International Corporation and under contract to Miami-Dade County is completing work on the key elements necessary to develop site plan options for the Coconut Grove Playhouse:

  • A building program (i.e., a list of the back-of-house, front-of-house and performance spaces) for the 300-seat theater for GableStage;
  • A building program for the parking garage being done in consultation with the Miami Parking Authority;
  • An assessment of the structural condition of the existing Playhouse building and comprehensive historical research, analysis and documentation;
  • A review of local code requirements; and
  • Preliminary construction cost estimates.

With these basic “building blocks,” the design team will develop options for how these elements might best fit together on the Playhouse site.  In addition, alternate site plan options will be developed to test the feasibility of locating a second theater on the property.

Once drafted, these site plan options will be shared with key stakeholders for feedback in public meetings. We anticipate scheduling and announcing these sessions over the summer. Then, the next steps for the project will be to proceed with the schematic design phase of the architectural and engineering work. 

The goal of the site planning work is to establish a thoughtful, effective and cost-conscious direction for the Coconut Grove Playhouse project and to generate drawings, renderings and an updated timetable for the completion of design, construction of the project and plans for the return of great regional theater to the Grove.

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