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Re-openings: Summer Camps and More

Dear Colleagues,

Today, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez issued an Emergency Order that provides guidelines for opening summer camps and youth activities and a process for the eventual re-opening of “movie theaters, concert houses, auditoriums and playhouses.”  Please note that under these rules, summer camps are authorized to re-open, effective Monday, June 8.

Summer Camps

The extensive set of requirements for summer camps can be  found here,  beginning on page 96.  We know that many of you have decided to conduct “virtual” summer camps.  Mayor Gimenez’s action provides another option for those organizations that are comfortable with and fully ready to implement the health and safety guidelines that are required for “in-person” camps.


For “movie theaters, concert houses, auditoriums, playhouses,” the requirement is to submit a plan that incorporates the standards contained in the County’s New Normal Guide, to have that plan approved by the County, and to operate in conformance with the approved plan. Please  click here  to see page 44 of the New Normal Guide for instructions on submitting plans. The Department of Cultural Affairs will continue to support you and is available to review draft plans. Please contact your  grant program administrator  if you have questions regarding this review process.

While we carefully move forward with ways to safely re-start our economy and our lives, we will not forget the latest life lost so tragically in Minneapolis.  Many of you have issued heartfelt statements of outrage and support.  As fellow human beings, every one of us has reaffirmed our commitment to the principles of justice, equality, and decency.  We stand with the many who insist that creativity, civility and diversity are values to be cherished, protected, and relentlessly upheld.

Stay safe and healthy!


Michael Spring
Senior Advisor to Miami-Dade County Office of the Mayor and
Director, Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs


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