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Mayor Carlos Gimenez Reaffirms the County’s Commitment to the Coconut Grove Playhouse Project

Mayor Carlos Gimenez issued a statement regarding the City of Miami Mayor’s veto of the City Commission’s action in support of the County-FIU Coconut Grove Playhouse project.  Mayor Gimenez stated,

“Today, we are more committed than ever to making our project to bring great theater back to Coconut Grove a reality. We are fully restoring the 1927 iconic and historic front building of the Coconut Grove Playhouse and returning great dramatic theater to this place where theater began in our community. We have worked hard to celebrate the history of the Coconut Grove Playhouse, to revitalize this important gateway to the Grove, and to respect the village scale and ambiance so important to Coconut Grove’s business district and the adjoining West Grove residential neighborhood.

Today’s veto contradicts the professional recommendation of the City of Miami’s own historic preservation officer to support the County-FIU project. And it defies the will of the people, with an independent poll confirming that 78% of Coconut Grove residents are strongly in favor of the County-FIU Coconut Grove Playhouse project.

In spite of these repeated and deliberate delays and roadblocks, we will pursue every means available to us to fulfill our promise to make the Coconut Grove Playhouse a place where our families and kids can once again enjoy the arts for generations to come. It is the right thing to do.

City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has requested to meet regarding the future of the Coconut Grove Playhouse and we are ready to do so today.”

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