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Director's Message - Hurricane Irma Update - Cultural Damage Assessment

Dear Colleagues,

The staff and I at the Department of Cultural Affairs hope that you weathered the storm safely.  We are back at work and know that most of you are, too. Please be sure to check our web site, for updates on the Department’s deadlines, meetings and activities.

Also, we have posted a Hurricane Irma Damage Assessment intake form on our web site at

 Please let us know about how the storm impacted your facility and operations, if applicable.

We are concerned about our cultural friends in other counties that were affected by the hurricane and already are in touch with the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs and other support organizations regarding damage assessments and help.  As soon as we know more, we will be sure to share the updates.

We understand how challenging it is to launch this cultural season successfully in the midst of people putting their lives back together.  Our past experience has taught us that what we do as a cultural community is essential to helping us find our post-storm footing and to restoring a sense of normalcy. We are proud of the stories that we have heard about your work to protect your facilities, reach out to those impacted, and quickly get back to offering programs for families, kids, and those working tirelessly on recovery.

Keep up the great work and please know that we are here to support your efforts.


Michael Spring

Senior Advisor, Miami-Dade County Office of the Mayor

Director, Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs

111 N.W. First Street, Suite 625

Miami, FL 33128


305-375-4634 (office)

305-375-3068 (fax)