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Coconut Grove Playhouse - Interim Update: Historic Preservation Appeal

On Thursday, December 14, 2017, on a motion by Commissioner Ken Russell, the City of Miami Commission voted 3-to-2 to overturn the near unanimous vote of their own Historic and Environmental Preservation Board (HEPB). The HEPB’s positive vote in April 2017 was in support of the County’s submitted master plan concept for the Coconut Grove Playhouse.

Please see The Miami Herald news report for an account of last week’s City Commission’s action at

We are waiting for clarification and confirmation of the specific action taken by the City Commission and once we have the official account, we will convey an update with the new conditions imposed by the City Commission on the Playhouse project.

We continue moving forward, implementing the funded and County, FIU and State approved plan that is well underway (currently at the permit review stage) for returning great theater to Coconut Grove. 

We promise to keep you informed of next steps to keep this important community and cultural project on track.

To view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the project and a comprehensive list of all the previous updates visit:  

Please note that all earlier updates remain available on this web site and contain more details about the project and its progress.