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As a part of its strategy for cultural development and improved services to its constituent non-profit organizations, the Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council have been instrumental in establishing, supporting or partnering with service organizations and other agencies. Complementary to the Department's mission, these service organizations and other partner organizations extend the work of the Department by delivering programs and assistance to specialized constituencies and/or similarly purposed cultural groups and individuals.

City of Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council

The Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council was created to develop, coordinate, and promote performing and visual arts... More

DeVos Institute for Arts Management

Founded in 2001 by Kennedy Center President Michael M. Kaiser, the DeVos Institute leverages this expertise to train, support, and empower arts... More

Diaspora Arts Coalition

The Diaspora Arts Coalition is a grassroots organization that serves as an arts support network in the African... More

Florida Division of Cultural Affairs

The mission of the Division of Cultural Affairs is to guide and facilitate cultural development and services for... More