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Hurricane Irma Update

Dear Colleagues, 

We understand that you may be struggling to address personal and professional issues all at once in the storm's aftermath. We want to begin to reconnect with everyone and understand the impact of Hurricane Irma on the cultural community at the start of this new season. 
Here is a link to a brief facility damage assessment form so that you can let us know the scope of the storm's impact on you:
We understand that this will by necessity, a preliminary assessment. In addition, depending upon how long recovery conditions interrupt your programs, we will post a projected revenue loss assessment survey. Please respond as you are able; there is no deadline. 
We are out of the office currently and do not know when will be able to return. We will do our best to stay in touch remotely.
Please monitor the County's web site at and the department's web page at for important information about recovery and resources. Mayor Gimenez and we remain very concerned about travel on the roads given debris and signals that are out. 
Mayor Gimenez is lifting the county-wide curfew order; please check to see if there is a city curfew affecting your area. We understand how any city curfews and roadway and traffic signal  progress may impact your timing on getting programs and activities rescheduled. Please factor this into your plans. I am extraordinarily proud of the work that County employees are continuing to accomplish, from managing shelters to coordinating preparation and recovery efforts among a complex network of stakeholders.
Please be careful as you work to get your lives and organizations back in order. All of us at the Department of Cultural Affairs understand the pressure that you are under and are here to support you to the best of our ability.
Michael Spring
Senior Advisor, Office of the Mayor
Director, Department of Cultural Affairs